360 Degree Photos are coming to your Facebook news feed this summer, are you ready?

Since Facebook acquired the virtual reality company Oculus VR, it was only a matter of time before we would see the technology show up in the Facebook feed.

Well now it’s here…. or almost here. Oculus VR has announced that Facebook will be adding 360 Degree Photos to its News Feed. This new tool will give Facebook users the ability to take panoramic photos from your phone and upload it to Facebook. The user will be able to navigate the image by tilting their phone or dragging the image with their finger.


Here is a snippet from Oculus VR Post:

“In the coming weeks, Facebook will add 360 photos to News Feed. You’ll be able to take a panoramic photo from your phone or use a 360 camera, upload it to Facebook and pan around by tilting your phone or dragging the image.

You’ll also be able to explore Facebook 360 photos in VR from the Oculus 360 Photos app. On Samsung phones, when viewing a 360 photo, there will be a button in the top left corner that says, “View in VR.” If you tap on it and insert your phone into your Gear VR, you can see the 360 photo in VR. Imagine standing in the middle of a colorful parade at the Rio Carnival, or letting family from far away feel like they’re part of that special birthday gathering.”

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How Can Realtors Use Facebook 360 Photos?


What an incredible opportunity for Realtors to add dynamic content to their feed. You (Realtor) go to your listing photo session, and as the photographer is setting up the home and taking his pictures you pull out your phone and take a few of your own.

  • 360 Degree image of the incredible view
  • That Gourmet kitchen just has to be seen in 360.
  • How about the huge back yard?
  • I don’t have to list very many before you start to see the value, right?

Now you upload them right away as a sneak peeks of this fabulous property to all your FB friends. If you are using your FB Business Page, you can create a 360 sneak peek gallery and then create an add to pump it out to 5000 strategic users.


Got some free time on Sunday? Feature a 360 Degree gallery of an interesting place in your Client Persona Neighborhood. Give a little write up on the post and make sure you are appealing to your Golden Persona. Do you have a hashtag idea? Maybe create a #YOURNAME360 so users across other platforms can find your amazing pictures.


Make a list of the upcoming events and plan to take 360 photos. Plan ahead so you can start a marketing drip campaign based on these events. Create a unique hashtag so people can find your photos.

When you’re at the event, try to find 360 panoramas that nobody else will be getting. Safely climb on top of structures to get a birds-eye-view of the events and try to get lots of people in the image.

Find The Moments

Photographers have this mentality of finding the moments in time that are unique and exciting, and then capturing them for all to enjoy.

The golden hour creates this moment twice a day. The hours at sunrise & sunset are known as the golden hours because the sun is low in the sky and gives off a pleasant golden light. Go to the beach, up in the mountains, or any place that you know to be scenic during the golden hour and look for the perfect 360 photo opportunity.

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Images like these will get you lots of action on Facebook.

Remember not to blast you viewers with “marketing.” Give them joy and amazement, entertain them with your images and they will remember you when the time is right for them to hire you.

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