Creating A Client Persona Database

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Inventing imaginary friends may have been okay as a child, but doing it as a grown up professional Realtor® can attract unwanted attention. In this case, though,  you’ve got some leeway. I even encourage you to give them names.

Inventing fictitious characters to represent your perfect clients

(Your Marketing Campaign’s Imaginary Friends) YMCIF for you acronym hobbyists.

Define Your Perfect Client

The most important question I tell my clients to ask themselves is:

Who do I WANT as a client?

This question may seem obvious but, you’d be surprised how many realtors respond with “I don’t have a specific client, I go for everyone” These Agents are trapped in the mentality of “Who can I GET as a client”, and his tends to result in taking on clients that they hate working with.

I usually respond to this with: “So, a person comes to you with a $20,000 beat-up trailer that is in a rundown trailer park 30 Km out of town, and they have these requests: Sell fast, hold firm, have open house every weekend, and showings can only be on Mondays between 3pm & 4pm.”

Would you be excited about this listing?

Would you want to have this type of listing all the time?”

Then I ask these tasty questions:

  • What’s your favorite area to list?
  • What was the easiest deal you’ve ever done?
  • Do you have a client that you were super comfortable with?
  • What was your most lucrative deal?
  • Would you want these types of listings all the time?

Marketing to everyone, is marketing to no one

Past/Current Clients?

The first place to start is your CRM. Take a look at your previous clients and see where the trends are.

  • Average Listing Price
  • Location Most Worked
  • Style of Home Most Listed
  • Average Age Group of Clients…..

Look for common factors that connect your past/current clients. Maybe you attract a certain gender or business class client.

The more information you have, the better decisions you can make. Data is your businesses best friend. It’s like marketing currency.

With this data, look for appealing snippets that stand to you.

Make two lists:

  1. What I love About My Past/Current Clients
  2. What I Dislike About My Past/Current Clients


The idea here is to get a clear vision of your favorite clients and what made them great.

Future Clients

Now that you know what you like about your past/current clients, you need to use that data to define future clients.

Take the information from your existing client data and enter it into a spreadsheet. Have three tabs; Client A, Client B, and Client C.

Client A = Best Past Clients

Client B = Best Clients you have right now

Client C = Clients you want to attract in the future

For each tab, make headers:

  • Neighborhood
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Salary
  • Hobbies
  • Status
  • Style of Home
  • Education
  • Members Of
  • Lifestyle
  • personality
  • beliefs
  • life goals…

Include information that is relevant to your existing/past clients. Add anything you feel is relevant to your future clients.

Start asking yourself these important questions.

  1. Buyer or seller?
  2. Where do they live?
  3. What’s their lifestyle?
  4. What’s their pay scale?
  5. What home type are they most likely to buy/sell?
  6. Are they internet novices? Experts?
  7. What kind of gadgets do they have?
  8. Would this user be comfortable using a Facebook Messenger? E-mail? A web-based form? Or only on the phone?
  9. Have I worked with this persona type before?
  10. Personality?
  11. What are their day-to-day goals? Survival? Fun? Family? Something else?
  12. What are their hobbies? Are they similar to yours?
  13. What frustrates them about real estate?
  14. How often will they buy or sell a home in their lifetime?
  15. Will you enjoy working with this person?
  16. How much is trust an issue?
  17. Can you relate to this persona?
  18. How easy are they to work with?
  19. How do you feel when the call? Excited, anxious, stressed?

These questions are geared to make you think about who you are as a Realtor® and what clients will be a good fit for you.

Take the data you have collected and make a Client Persona Feature Sheet. Put this on your vision board as a constant reminder of who you are working to attract with your; marketing, content, and socializing.

Attracting the clients you love to work with can have an exciting impact on your bottom line and your life.

Update this database quarterly. What you currently believe to be your perfect client may change in the future.

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