Keyword Research For Realtors

Categorize, Group, And Filter

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Keyword research is a vital part of any content marketing plan. You need to know what questions “keywords” your potential clients are asking Google “in their own words”, so you can write amazing content that answers those questions.

Here is a quick overview of how you can find out what those words are and hot to organize them for quick reference.

3 Easy Steps To Keyword Research

Step 1

Ideas Discovery Meeting: Bring together the people you trust the most to give you creative keyword ideas and phrases that pertain to your business. Make as long a list as you can muster up. Remember, there are no bad ideas; let the research tell you what is good and what isn’t.

Step 2

The Filtering of words: Filter these keywords into categories on a spreadsheet.

Create a Google Sheet for your keyword research. Make a tab for each neighborhood you want to farm. On each area spreadsheet, create categories for your keywords. Now create a top 10 list for each category, having your favorites at the top.

Once you have your categories filled out, start your keyword research.

Step 3

Research: Use the Google Keyword Planner to do research on your top keywords/phrases. More keyword research tools are listed below.

Doing research will give you an idea if people are searching your keywords/phrases and how many people are searching those keywords/phrases(Google’s numbers are for reference only, they are not exact stats). Adjust your top ten list according to this new data.

Now take the keywords/phrases and enter them into Google search (Incognito browsing). You will be looking for similar searches that may be more relevant. Google will give you this list at the bottom of the SERP and in auto complete.

Now you should have a pretty good idea of what topics to write about based on the lists you’ve just made.

Remember that your keywords/phrases should be dominant in the title, url, Snippet, H1 H2 H3 Headers, and naturally occurring in your copy.

TIP: You will have better ranking results if you go after longtail keyword phrases that are more obscure like “Getting to know the real estate market in Kitsilano”. Going after top ranking keywords like “Vancouver Real Estate” will take a lot of time and energy. If you first focus on the easier-to-rank-for longtail keyword phrases, the top ranking keywords will come naturally over time.

Refer to this list every time you write an article for your website. Review and update this list once a month to see if you’re still on the right track.

Keyword Research Tools

Google Sheets

Google Keyword Planner

Merge Words

Word Tracker


Uber Suggest

Your research should be focused on what questions your potential clients (Client Personas) are asking Google, so you can provide answers that are 10x better than everyone else’s.

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