Rituals Make Success Possible & Allow You To Focus

I believe bringing rituals into your life will the best thing you ever do.


What Not Having a Morning Ritual looks like

Morning rituals (or routines) can be easily overlooked by the busy business person and entrepreneur. They get caught up in the day to day grind and loose focus on the most important part, themselves!

Taking the time every day to focus on your mental and physical well-being should be their first priority. Everything else will fall more easily into place.


How do I define success

I feel it’s necessary to define what success means to me, and you should too.

I have a long-standing belief that success is about being truly happy. Empowering my personal being, enjoying relationships, and being fulfilled with my work are the things that bring me the most joy.

Feeling good even when times are tough can be difficult to do. Being able to smile at the end of a hard day and say “I did my best” instead of grumbling about what is stressing me. Having loved ones around me that encourage me to be great and hold out a hand when I fall short.

Being the best me I can be.

Notice I said nothing about money, cars or wealth. That’s because these things are superficial. They can only bring a limited amount of joy that lasts a moment, and when the moments gone I’m left looking for another fix.

I believe money is best used as a tool to make my life easier, pay my bills and allow me to live comfortably. Having money will not bring me happiness or solve my emotional problems.

A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart – Jonathan Swift #Quotes Click To Tweet


Many people believe what they do at work will define their success.

Wake up; got to work, production, production, production; come home, eat, sleep; repeat.

Sound familiar?

Does feeling sluggish throughout the day and hitting a brick wall at 3 pm sound familiar? Are you slamming coffee to give you that 30-minute anxiety buzz every 2 hours?

Hey, I’m not innocent of caffeine abuse myself. My wife and I once owned a coffee shop and I damn near overdosed on caffeine a few times. I have since realized, through researching coffee, that it’s only helpful in small doses.

Are we machines or human beings? Is coffee the fuel or the additive? It’s time find an alternative to coffee, cultivate the “you” in your business, and start to feel productive and successful.

Having a morning rituals will give you the chance to get healthy with both mind and body, and be successful with your business and personal life.


I developed a morning rituals to suit my specific needs.

before I developed my morning rituals, my day would usually start by crawling out of bed 30 minutes before I had to be at work, having breakfast at the drive-through and being late for meetings all the time. Mix in road rage, a dismissive  attitude with my colleagues and  feeling like a bag of shit most of the time.


It was time for a change. I just didn’t know what to do or how to do it.

I started to do research on the subject of self-help and quickly realized that I had two big problems:

My rituals sucked, and I was stressed all the time. I had to make major changes in my life if I wanted to feel better to be more successful.

A book I read that gave me a better understanding of my daily habits is The Power Of Focus by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson, and Les Hewitt.

This book changed my life.


“Successful people have successful habits, unsuccessful people don’t! The Power Of Focus

After reading this book and immediately realized what my biggest issue was; I needed to develop successful rituals.



  • How habits work
  • How to identify habits
  • How to change habits
  • How to develop successful habits

This is more than a book, it is a manual on focusing and habits. It gave me strategic steps to perform so I could realize my true mental focus potential.


TIP: Take on a little bit at a time. Incorporate one change per week and feel it out. Be sure to not overwhelm yourself.


Developing a Successful Morning Rituals

Read this book: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.
This book brought everything together for me. I was able to develop the perfect morning ritual to get the best possible outcomes for my specific needs.



6 Minute Miracle Morning

When you are in a rush and feel like you have no time for rituals, this plan will get you through. Have you got 6 minutes? Yes you do

  • Minute 1: Silence
  • Minute 2: Affirmations
  • Minute 3: Visualization
  • Minute 4: Scribing (Writing)
  • Minute 5: Reading
  • Minute 6: Exercise

The most successful people have successful rituals

  • Tim Ferris –  The Tim Ferriss Podcast – Tim discusses his daily rituals.
    1. Make Bed (The first accomplishment of the day)
    2. Meditate for 21 minutes
    3. Hanging (Hang from hands for 1 minute
    4. Drink Tea (Special Herbal Tea)
    5. Write in Journal
  • Tony Robins 19:08 of the Tim Ferriss Podcast episode 1
    1. Stimulate the nervous system (Hot pool to cold pool)
    2. Cryotherapy to reduce inflammation
    3. Priming – Breathing technique then listens to music
  • Arianna HuffingtonVogue Article
    1. Yoga
    2. Meditation
  •  Richard Branson – Inc. Article
    1. Quiet reflection and organization
    2. Nurturing passions
    3. Making the most of his time


Here are 5 morning rituals that have helped me

  1. Drink Water/Eat

    As soon as I wake up I eat fruit (Banana or apple), one boiled egg and drink a big glass of water.
    It is imperative that I hydrate myself, and eat something after the long 7-8 hours of sleeping. This keeps me feeling energized until the afternoon.

  2. Write/list -10 min

    I take out my list from the night before and review the tasks I have set for the day. Then I write in my journal (Evernote) for 10 minutes. This helps me flex my creative mind and allows me to get a clear vision on what I need to get done that day.

  3. Meditate – 10 min

    I set on my sofa, light a candle and relax while taking long slow breaths then holding them for ten seconds. Breathe in and hold, breath out and hold. I repeat the word “peace” over and over until my internal dialogue dissipates.

    TIP: Consistency is the key to success. Even if you need to make your morning routine take less time. Do

    something no matter what.


  4. Visualization / Wim Hof Breathing – 5 min

    I have specific mantras that I read to myself while envisioning what it is I want to bring to my life. Then I do the Wim Hof Breathing technique.

  5. Exercise – 7 min

    I use the workout app 7 Minute Workout. This is perfect for when I have a tight schedule. it’s fast and effective.


What’s your morning rituals?

This morning ritual has been designed for my own specific needs. I encourage you to read and research success rituals and develop a routine that works for you.

Please let me know if this has helped you in any way, or if you have a ritual that you’d like to share.

James M