How To Use Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest On Your Wedding Day

In this article:

  • A Wedding To Remember, Through The Eyes Of All You Guest
  • How to create a Hash Tag
  • How to use Twitter & HootFeed for your wedding
  • How to use Instagram for your wedding
  • How to use Flickr for your wedding
  • How to use Pinterest for your wedding
  • What is the WedPics App (Create your own app)
  • How to use Vine for your wedding
  • How to use Facebook for your wedding
  • How to use Storify for your wedding
  • Using social media before your wedding, During your wedding, and After your wedding


A Wedding To Remember ‘Through The Eyes Of All Your Guests


Your wedding is a day to celebrate love and commitment. Sharing that love with friends and family is important to everyone. Social media can capture moments that will last a lifetime.

In this era of technology, you have the world at your fingertips. Creating an interactive wedding using social media is easy, and free. Here are some useful ideas, and tools to get you started.


Make a Plan


A good plan will be the foundation for your success. Give yourself at least 3 months to integrate social media into your wedding plans. Planning ahead will allow your guests time to get involved, and be ready for action on your wedding day.


Get a Volunteer

It’ll be helpful to have one person in charge of social media. Ask a friend that is active on social media if they would like to get involved. Most likely they will share your excitement, and embrace the idea. Consider asking the venue if they supply this type of service.

Hiring a professional Social Networking Manager for the entire affair is another option. They can handle all facets of Facebook, Instagram, Flickr & Twitter.


Get Connected


Providing WiFi to your guests will be vital. In most cases your venue will be able to offer an internet connection for a fee. You can rent cellular modems for special occasions that offer WiFi for your guests.

james munroe social media wedding hashtag

How to create a Perfect Hash Tag For Your Wedding


Your hashtag will be the one thing that ties everyone together. Make yours unique to your wedding. Make you hashtag short and easy to spell as possible. Consider using the bride & groom’s names, or some personal interest they both share.

Here’s a great tool to help you come up with the perfect hashtag: Wedding Hashtag Wall

Here's a great tool to help you come up with the perfect hashtag: Click To Tweet

Make sure you put the hashtag on everything so you guests will be well aware of the plan.


  • Table Cards
  • Invitation
  • Entrance Sign
  • Website/Facebook Page
  • Engagement Photos
  • Your Social Networks


How to use Twitter & HootFeed for your wedding

Sign up for Twitter

Let’s Connect on Twitter >>

Twitter is a social platform that shows post (Tweets) that are 140 characters or less, as an expression of a moment or idea. Tweets can contain text, photos, and videos.

A great way to get people involved is to have a live Twitter feed playing in real-time. HootFeed is a service that displays a live feed of the tweets tagged with your hashtag. You can display this feed on a projector screen, or on laptops spread around the room.



How to use Instagram for your wedding

Sign up for Instagram

Let’s Connect on Instagram >>

Instagram is an app that lets you snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory by uploading it to the Instagram social platform.

Instagram is the perfect social platform for social wedding images. Many couples have used Instagram for live events with great success. When a guest takes a picture, all they have to do is add your unique hashtag. Then all those images get organized into one feed for everyone to see and comment on.


Want to make a photo album from your Instagram photos? Check out Artifact Uprising.

EventsTagr is a service that allows you to live stream Instagram images that use your hashtag. Display the feed on a projection screen, or on multiple laptops around the room.



How To Use Flickr For Your Wedding

Sign up for Flickr

Let’s Connect on Flickr >>

Flickr is a photo sharing social platform. Upload images from your phone or PC. Group your images together in albums, and key word tag them for easy reference.

Flickr can also be used to collect images, from all your wedding guests, and organize them in one place.


  1. Form a group for your event
  2. From the group page, invite the event’s attendees. This will assure that they are added as your contacts, and are automatically joined to the group.
  3. Post the following instructions to the group page:
  4. How to upload a photo or video to this group:
    1. Upload the photos or video to your own Flickr photostream.
    2. Go to the Organizr, click on the “Your Groups” tab up the top, which will open to show you a list of all your groups. Just drag and drop the things you want to share onto the group!


What is WebPics

WebPics is an app that is customized for your wedding. Have everyone download the customized app and interact in one place. Capture unlimited photos and videos from your guests.


Photo Booth


A photo booth is a great way for your guests to unwind and have some fun. This is a bit of work to set up, and you’ll need someone to run it. When interviewing wedding photographers, ask if they offer this service. Some photographers will take pictures with their phone, and upload them with using your hashtag.

How to use Pinterest for your wedding

Sign up for Pinterest

Pinterest is a free website that where can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos and images) through collections known as pinboards. 

Pinterest is an amazing resource for planning a wedding. 99% of couples surveyed used Pinterest to help plan their wedding. Create a wedding board and collect input from all your friends.

Here is a great article on using Pinterest for your wedding: 6 Ways To Use Pinterest For Wedding Planning


With all the technology in phones today, the use of video in social media has boomed. Integrating video into your wedding is easy to do, and will be fun for your guests.

How to use Vine for your wedding

Sign up for Vine

Let’s Connect on Vine >>

Vine enables users to record short video clips up to around six seconds long while recording through its in-app camera. The camera records only while the screen is being touched, enabling users to edit on the fly or create stop motion effects. The videos that you upload are tagged with your hashtag and viewed in a feed.

You can search and view your hashtag feed using Vine’s Feed. Just enter the hashtag you’d like to view.



Instagram Offers Video

Instagram allows you to record 15-second videos and post them the same as images. Your guests will likely find it easier to use one app for video and images.


How To Use Facebook For Your Wedding

Sign up for Facebook

Let’s Connect on Facebook >>

Facebook is a social networking website that makes it easy for you to connect and share with your family and friends online.

Integrating your wedding with social media is a bit tricky. Having three or more platforms for people to use will likely deter people. Let your guests choose the social media platform they want to use. You can bring it all to Facebook in the end.

Facebook connects people on a personal level. Because all your friends and family connect with you on Facebook, you’ll want to use it to bring all your content together.

  • Create a wedding page and send an invitation to everyone you want to be involved. It’s a good idea to create this page many months in advance to allow everyone time to get on board.
  • Give clear instructions on how you would like the page to run. Set guidelines for posting and sharing to prevent crazy talk. Having a theme can keep everyone on the same game plan.
  • You can start by announcing your engagement on your wedding page. This will give your page some traction getting your friends to engage with you. Big announcements get lots of comments and shares.
  • Post your engagement photos to your Wedding Page. The most active posts on Facebook are the ones that have photos.
  • have a poll to help pick dance music. Ask your Facebook friends to give you ideas of what they would like to dance to. This will make it easier for the DJ to get the dance floor hopping.
  • change your status at the exact time you say “I Do”. Have someone in charge of changing your Facebook status to Married to, at the same time you say your vows.
  • Ask all your guests to upload pictures and videos to your page, and share stories about your amazing day.


Get your Facebook Page buzzing months before your wedding day. Make your wedding day an event your friends can’t help but talk about.

Use Storify to bring all your stories together in one feed. Storify allows you to select your favorite wedding memories from Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Facebook.


Before The Wedding: At least 3 months

  • Setup Facebook Page and invite friends
  • Create hashtag and integrate it into the planning process
  • Create Pinterest board & invite friends to interact
  • Set up an Instagram account and connect with friends
  • Setup a Vine account & connect with friends
  • Post images of engagement photos, wedding dress fitting, bridal party, wedding decorations, anything and everything about your wedding plans.
  • Get your friends to download the WedPics App for pre-wedding planning
  • Create awareness ahead of time about the social media platforms you’ll be using, and ask guests to take part


During The Wedding:

  • Ask, or hire someone to manage your social media event
  • Organize a WiFi connection
  • Create awareness about your hashtag, using signs, table cards and word of mouth
  • Organize a projection screen, multiple laptops.
  • Setup HootFeed to display all tweets using your hashtag
  • setup EventsTagr to display all images from Instagram using your hashtag
  • Ask your photographer to be involved with your social media
  • Ask your photographer/videographer to use your hashtag when posting sneak peak’s
  • Set up a photo booth and have those images uploaded to Instagram (Set a closing time for the booth to avoid disruption in the planned events)


After The Wedding

  • Continue to communicate with your guests, using your Facebook Page. Encourage them to upload all the pictures and videos, and to tell stories about your wedding.
  • Share your Instagram and Vine feeds on your Facebook Page.
  • Keep the hashtag alive as long as possible. You’d be surprised how many images and videos get uploaded a month or two after the wedding.
  • Encourage your friends to have a social wedding, giving you the chance to be the one behind the image or video.

Your wedding is about celebration. Giving your guests a way to express their excitement will give you moments to cherish forever.

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